Borrowdale Herdwick

Herdwick sheep have roamed freely over the Lakeland landscape for over 1000 yrs and to this day enjoy a full life slowly growing on the beautiful fells of Borrowdale. Each young Herdwick takes longer to mature than ordinary sheep; the result is a smaller animal yielding tender, lean meat with a mature gamey flavour. The rich flavour of this tender Lakeland delicacy is definitely worth the wait, and being high in OMEGA 3, its good for you, so you can have your meat and eat it!

From Fell to Fork

Borrowdale Herdwick is born here, and fully traceable from fell to fork. The result of Jonny’s commitment and skill is now available to you direct from the farm and you’re in for a real treat. There’s nothing like your first taste of this quality product.

Call into our Flock-In tea room and take some home with you or have your meat delivered to your door within 24 hours, in one of our hampers. Please click here for details of our Hampers.

Herdwick Hampers & Cuts

All our Herdwick meat is born here, grown here, butchered here, prepared, vacuum packed and chilled on the farm ready for ewe to freeze at home if desired. Our meat is gamey, full-flavoured, and is as tender as spring lamb with flavour of mutton. A perfect combination.
Borrowdale Herdwick meat is fully traceable and senstive to ‘food miles’.

Please remember that Herdwicks are small sheep, therefore the joints you receive may be smaller in size than you expect, especially if you compare them to supermarket lamb. However, the superior taste of our Herdwick compensates for any lack of size. As the saying goes ‘good stuff comes in laal parcels’. We have our own butcher, Lee Smith and he will cut any special order, just for ewe.

Try our meat before you buy! We can supply numerous very good eating places in Lakeland – just ask!

If you would like to enquire about our Herdwick meat, place an order or maybe have a hamper made up then please do the old fashioned thing and pick up the telephone: 017687 77675 and we can talk to each other, to organise ‘what’s best for ewe’. 24hr overnight delivery to guarantee freshness. Just ask and we will do our utmost to provide whatever ewe want.